Warding Off Negativity: The Meaning Behind Evil Eye Fine Jewelry & the Jess Elyse Collection

14 May

Warding Off Negativity: The Meaning Behind Evil Eye Fine Jewelry

The Evil Eye, a symbol steeped in ancient folklore and cultural beliefs, holds significant meaning across various traditions worldwide. Originating in the Mediterranean region over 3,000 years ago, it was believed to ward off malevolent glares and protect against curses or misfortune. The concept of the Evil Eye transcends borders, resonating deeply with diverse cultures, from the Mediterranean to the Middle East and beyond.


In recent years, this mystical symbol has experienced a resurgence in popularity, particularly in ine jewelry. Renowned designers have incorporated the Evil Eye into their collections, infusing it with contemporary elegance while honoring its rich heritage. From delicate pendants to intricately crafted bracelets and earrings, these jewelry pieces with this ancient symbol serve as fashionable accessories symbolizing protection, good fortune, and warding off negativity.


Seen on celebrities and fashion influencers alike, Evil Eye jewelry has become a trendsetter, gracing red carpets and adorning magazine covers. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, wearing Evil Eye jewelry is a personal statement, reflecting beliefs in the power of positivity, protection and resonating with their spirituality and cultural heritage. The Evil Eye continues to captivate hearts and inspire jewelry enthusiasts worldwide, bridging the gap between ancient traditions and contemporary style.

Jess Elyse Evil Eye Jewelry Collection


Diamond and Sapphire Station Evil Eye Bracelet



A simple yet stylish piece to add to any collection, this adjustable station evil eye bracelet is made with 14k gold and features .29-carat diamonds and .27-carat Sapphires as the eyes. 


Fluted Diamond Evil Eye Pendant




One of our favorites, the Fluted Diamond Evil Eye pendant, is sure to pop and help ward off any negative energy. This pendant has .31-carat diamonds around the outer edge and eye and .19-carat sapphires. 


Enamel Heart with Diamond Evil Eye Pendant




We love this combination of the Evil Eye with the black enamel heart. It's a great piece you can wear every day. Made with 14k gold. It's a great piece to layer with other necklaces. 


Diamond Evil Eye Chain Link Ring



This unique white gold ring features a chain-link pattern around the band, an evil eye made of white gold, and diamonds in black, blue, and natural colors. 


Fluted Sapphire and Diamond Evil Eye Necklace




Like the pendant above, this necklace is also 14 kt gold and fluted with diamonds around the outer edge, eye, and sapphires. But this one is in the shape of an eye. 


Single Evil Eye Sapphire and Diamond Station Bracelet


This simple yet beautiful piece comes in three gold color options - Rose, yellow, and white gold. 


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